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Britain vs. Germany?

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“Unnamed sources in the German government told the German weekly Der Spiegel that UK plans to place a cap on unskilled EU migrants would be a step too far for the German Chancellor… ‘Should Cameron persist [in this plan], chancellor Angela Merkel would abandon her efforts to keep Britain in the EU. With that a point of no return would be reached’” (EU Observer, November 3, 2014). The root of this fundamental disagreement stems from the fact that Britain is struggling under the weight of immigrant welfare costs and seeks to limit immigration, while Mrs. Merkel holds to the central EU tenet of allowing the free flow of EU citizens across borders. 

This issue appears to be driving a wedge between the two nations. Now more than ever it appears that a Brexit—Britain’s exit from the EU —is not only possible, but foreseeable, just as the Bible has indicated for millennia. Bible prophecies have long foretold that the final configuration of a European Beast power will actually take many Israelite-descended nations (like Britain) into captivity just prior to the end of the age (Deuteronomy 28:15, 20, 36-37, 48; Jeremiah 30:3-9; Ezekiel 23:22-35; Hosea 5:9-15; 7:11-16; 11:5-11). For this to happen, Britain will likely be on the outside of a “unified Europe.”

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