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Canadian Capital Attacked!

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Last week’s attacks on the Canadian parliament and the murder of an honor guard at the National War Memorial in the nation’s capital of Ottawa were sobering. They followed closely a vehicular attack on two soldiers two days earlier in Quebec (Associated Press, October 24, 2014). The shooting attacks shook the capital city of Ottawa and the whole nation. Over the years Canada has appeared to rise above the fray of geopolitics and has avoided the political and terrorist backlash unleashed upon many Western nations. An ISIS spokesman recently called for independent terrorist acts against civilians in allied nations opposing the Islamic State: “Hinder those who want to harm your brothers… The best thing you can do is to strive to your best and kill any disbeliever, whether he be French, American or from any of their allies” (CNN, September 22, 2014). This call was answered by the driver of the vehicle that struck the two Canadian soldiers (ibid.). 

However, despite Canada’s efforts to remain above the consequences of geopolitics, it cannot escape its heritage or God’s prophesied punishment for its national sins. Canada is an Israelite-descended nation whose leaders and people have increasingly rejected God and His laws. If Canada and other Israelite-descended nations do not repent and return to God and His ways, they will suffer more of the consequences that God prophesied long ago in the Bible (see Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28). The prophet Jeremiah warned, “Your own wickedness will correct you” (Jeremiah 2:19).

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