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China's African Future

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China is now Africa’s largest trade partner. “The economic powerhouse has focused on securing the long-term energy supplies needed to sustain its industrialization, searching for secure access to oil supplies and other raw materials around the globe” (Council on Foreign Relations, July 12, 2017). A new report projects that Chinese investments in Africa could triple over the next eight years to over $440 billion. The report by McKinsey Africa surprisingly “found that there are already over 10,000 Chinese firms operating in Africa—four times the previous estimate. About 90 percent of these are private companies of all sizes and working in diverse sectors, with about a third in manufacturing” (Deutsche Welle, June 28, 2017). Chinese manufacturing in Africa now accounts for over 12 percent of all African manufacturing, and this number is rising.

So what is China’s future in Africa and globally? Will China lead the world economically or in other ways? Your Bible helps answer these questions. For more details on what to watch for, read or listen to “Is This China’s Century?