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Doing What’s Right in Your Eyes!

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New Zealand’s most popular news site, Stuff, reports that polyamory—having more than one agreed-upon lover—is on the rise and far more widely accepted than just a decade or two ago. As this practice increases in acceptance, a growing body of written literature has been created to support it. Individuals choosing this lifestyle read books that encourage and justify their sinful behavior, even as many secular scientists have recognized the emotional and health benefits that are afforded to individuals by monogamous, lifelong marriage between one man and one woman who have restrained themselves from having sex until that commitment is made.

While the author of the article claims, “Monogamy and marriage are comparatively recent social constructs,” the Bible tells us that the exact opposite is true. In the book of Genesis, describing the foundations of the world nearly six thousand years ago, God reveals that monogamous marriage was His intent for men and women (Genesis 2:24). The Bible also reveals that sex outside of marriage is sinful and violates the commandments of God (Exodus 20:14; Galatians 5:19–21).

However, as society today sheds the supposed shackles of biblical morality, which has undergirded Western civilization for centuries, many are reverting to the pagan immorality that has plagued world cultures from the beginning of humankind. The Bible records that in one of ancient Israel’s most chaotic and violent periods, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6). Today, we are seeing a similar moral decline in once-religious Western nations as we witness a growing desire, along with a complex rationale, for people to “do what is right in their own eyes.” This perspective pushes traditional boundaries and calls “evil good, and good evil.” This is exactly what God prophesied would occur (Isaiah 5:20). Our confused and suffering societies are in desperate need of a Savior who will once again restore truth and biblical morality in the coming Kingdom of God (Isaiah 9:6–7). To learn about the laws of God that will undergird this coming new age, be sure to read or listen to The Ten Commandments.