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Earth Destroyed Next Week?

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Prominent religious leader Pat Robertson predicted the destruction of the world by a meteor, during a recent airing of The 700 Club. “A giant meteor will bring an end to the world is a prophecy by none other than Jesus Christ… It could be next week, it could be 1,000 years from now. But nevertheless, we want to be ready whenever the Lord says, ‘I’m wrapping it up, and it’s time to come home’” (International Business Times, April 26, 2014). 

Predictably, atheists and agnostics are making light of his comments. But is Mr. Robertson correct about Christ returning “next week” or in 1,000 years? While  Mr. Robertson’s premise that we should be “ready” and preparing now for Christ’s return is correct (see Matthew 24:36-44), the Bible makes it clear that a definite series of prophetic events must come first (see Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21).

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