European Elections and the Future | Tomorrow’s World News and Prophecy — June 7, 2024

European Elections and the Future

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EU parliamentary elections are underway, and the outcome could significantly alter Europe as we know it. Leaders who have become household names across Europe could see their political parties dismantled as the political elite are replaced by growing numbers of populist leaders. According to recent polls, “MEPs from far-right parties look set to outnumber those from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s center-right European People’s Party after next week’s election” (Politico, May 29, 2024). Although more far-right MEPs are expected in the next cycle, they are not expected to gain great political advantage because they are so fragmented into different parties. Yet some sort of unity among them may arise.

The fact that so many far-right leaders once seen to be on the fringes of society are increasingly seen as acceptable and even desirable highlights how the youngest voters—Gen Z—are increasingly conservative in their outlooks and shockingly anti-immigration. In a number of countries, they poll right behind the most conservative voting block—baby boomers (The Guardian, May 28, 2024). Pollsters and political analysts are uncertain just how this cycle of parliamentary elections will play out, but large changes appear to be on the way.

Where is Europe really heading? While analysts are uncertain, Bible prophecy indicates that Germany will eventually emerge as the powerful leading nation of Europe, and a charismatic political and military leader will arise, backed by the Roman Catholic Church. This German-led European power is known in Bible terms as "the beast" and will draw the crucial support of ten leaders or nations for a short time. We need to watch and consider how the coming elections could play into these biblical prophecies. To gain a bigger perspective about Europe’s future, be sure to read or listen to The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor, or Soon-Coming Reality?