EU’s Internal Troubles

News and Prophecy Staff
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In the wake of parliamentary reforms in Poland, the EU has threatened to use Article 7 against the nation. “While only a warning, Article 7 could lead to sanctions and a suspension of EU voting rights” (Deutsche Welle, December 20, 2017). According to an EU spokesperson, “Judicial reforms in Poland mean that the country’s judiciary is now under the political control of the ruling majority. In the absence of judicial independence, serious questions are raised about the effective application of EU law.”

Poland’s president disagrees with the ruling and blames it on EU politics. Hungary’s prime minister has vowed to defend Poland’s position in the EU, should Article 7 proceedings be triggered. Germany and France have indicated they would support an Article 7 action. The reality is that a conservative movement is afoot across Europe and is manifesting itself in a powerful way in Poland and Hungary. The situation is being called “a grave threat to the EU” and highlights the stark difference of opinion and perspective among European nations and leaders (The Guardian, January 6, 2018). In a recent interview, Hungary’s prime minister told Germany, “You wanted the migrants, we didn’t” (Deutsche Welle, January 8, 2018).

While EU leaders are pushing forward with military integration, political upheaval and issues of national sovereignty remain real concerns of numerous EU nations. The Bible clearly prophesied that the end-time configuration of the European beast power would be one of fragile unity—of “iron and clay” (Daniel 2:33, 41-43). As prophecy marches on, we will see the “iron and clay” aspect of the EU become even more evident. Where will it end? You can know! For more details about the future united Europe, be sure to watch Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!