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Fertility Researchers Play God

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In a recent meeting at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, scientists discussed the direction of fertility research. Current investigations are exploring the potential to improve fertility and treat fertility-related issues, but also darker and more troubling avenues. As a researcher from the University of Cape Town observed, “The search for a ‘perfect’ race, ‘perfect’ baby, ‘perfect generation’ is not science fiction” (USA Today, April 23, 2023).

We have long had the ability to change DNA in a cell as one edits a word in an online document. And scientists have now demonstrated that sperm and eggs are no longer necessary, having created healthy mouse offspring from the cells of two fathers. But ethicists are sounding the alarm that what we can do is now far ahead of our ability to understand what we should or should not do, and some fear fertility research turns what should be a sacred act of procreation into a mere assembly line. As a bioethicist from Arizona State University noted, “It is a perversion of the sanctity of procreation as a fundamental aspect of human life. It makes it into an industrial project that responds to and also inspires and cultivates the desires of their future customers.” Lacking parameters from the moral compass defined by the Bible, this line of research could lead to some very frightening outcomes.

In ancient times, God chose to slow down scientific and other advancements of mankind by introducing many different languages at Babel. Part of His concern was that mankind would have no restraint in achieving all they desire (Genesis 11:6). Humanity, through the common languages of science, computers, and mathematics, appears to have overcome that divine impediment, and it may be only a matter of time until nothing is impossible. Humanity needs a moral compass to guide advances and developments, or tremendous atrocities will occur in the name of scientific progress. For greater insights, be sure to watch “Who Decides Right and Wrong?