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LGBT and the Catholic Church

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Bible prophecy describes a great world church at the end of the age (Revelation 13 and 17) that will attempt to bring her children back together (Isaiah 47:1-8). But what will aid the world’s mother church in her mission? One catalyst could be growing LGBT issues and pressure from provincial, state and national governments to conform. “Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, Alberta, has written that new proposals to accommodate transgender students ‘smack of the madness of relativism’ and ‘must be rejected.’ In a letter to the faithful of Calgary, Bishop Henry said that ‘totalitarianism is alive and well in Alberta.’ He was responding to guidelines sent to school administrators by the province’s education minister, directing that students who identify themselves as ‘transgender’ must be allowed to dress [like], and use the bathrooms of, the opposite sex.” Catholic schools must also abide by these guidelines (, January 15, 2016).

However, as morality declines in modern societies, conservative religious schools and universities are starting to push back. These growing “gender/transgender wars” could force the Roman church to take a firmer stand on these issues and seek support from other religious organizations. This will be one important area to watch. For more insight into the history of the Roman church, be sure to read “Papal Primacy?