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Pro-Life Internet Speech Ban

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“Freedom of expression on abortion is currently being challenged in France. The French administration makes it every day more difficult for pro-life associations to express their ideas and to promote pro-life choices” (LifeNews, November 29, 2016). “The French National Assembly has approved a plan to outlaw abortion information websites that masquerade as neutral, official services with freephone helpline numbers but promote anti-abortion propaganda and pressure women not to terminate pregnancies” (The Guardian, December 1, 2016).  The proposed new law could lead to criminal charges against Web sites that would appear to exert “‘psychological or moral pressure’  aimed at persuading a mother not to abort her child” (RFI, December 1, 2016).

Long ago, God prophesied that the Israelite-descended nations would reach a point where “[t]hey hate the one who rebukes in the gate, and they abhor the one who speaks uprightly” (Amos 5:10). It is sobering to see societies clamping down on those trying to prevent the killing of unborn children. However, the time is coming when the life of children will once again be precious in the sight of human society. For a sense of how God Almighty sees unborn children, read our article “The Wonder of Life in the Womb.”