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Great Food Scarcity Coming

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If you are watching world news, you cannot help but see the recent rise in food scarcity around the globe. Escalating food prices are part of this reality. And recently, 29 U.S. states have been culling chickens to prevent the spread of avian flu that is impacting nations around the globe (The Guardian, April 28, 2022). Millions of birds have been slaughtered, with over five million killed at just one egg factory in Iowa! In other news, cooking oil is becoming scarce in Europe. Several UK grocery stores are now rationing cooking oil in response to scarcity created by the conflict in Ukraine (The Guardian, April 26, 2022).

While grocery shelves are thinning and some products are out of stock or limited, the state of world food is still relatively good—at least in Western nations. The sobering truth is that the scarcity we are beginning to feel is going to intensify as we approach the end of the age. Bible prophecy indicates that the availability of oil and wine will be greatly reduced, and a day’s supply of wheat or barley will cost up to an entire day’s wages (Revelation 6:5–6). Ultimately, especially for modern Israelite nations which will be punished by God, food will become unavailable and severe starvation will set in (Deuteronomy 28:52–57). The scarcity we are seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is prophesied to come. To learn more about what will precede the return of Jesus Christ, be sure to read or listen to Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.