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Haiti Descends into Anarchy

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Last week, gang violence in Haiti erupted with greater intensity. Gangs recently stormed a large prison, resulting in the release of 3,700 inmates and the deaths of at least 12 people (BBC, 4 March 2024). Gangs now control about 80 percent of the capital city of Port-au-Prince, and they have demanded the resignation of Haiti’s prime minister. Last weekend, gangs stormed a second prison and gained control of many police stations, killing many of the officers. Gangs have also erected barricades to keep police out of their territories. Haiti’s “gang alliance” is headed by a man known as “Barbeque”—a former Haitian police officer (Reuters, March 4, 2024).

In 2021, Haiti’s president was killed and has not been replaced. Haiti’s prime minister, appointed (not elected) by the late president just before his death, resigned while stranded in Puerto Rico, unable or unwilling to return to Haiti. Gangs even stormed the international airport last week in an attempt to prevent any such return (Telegraph, March 5, 2024). They were repelled by police equipped with an armored vehicle. Because of the environment of extreme violence generated by the gangs, the government has been unable to meet, and the terms of all its elected officials have expired (BBC, March 4, 2024). Insecurity has skyrocketed, with thousands fleeing their homes. The situation appears to be hopeless!

It is easy for many around the globe who live in safety to notice the tragic headlines about Haiti and then move on to what is important in their own lives. Yet, Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). This world urgently needs a Savior and true, righteous, fair, and loving government. Haiti is an extreme example of what happens without strong, loving, and principled leaders. The turmoil affecting Haiti’s people should make godly men and women cry out to God for the return of Jesus Christ to replace failed human governments with His just and merciful reign. For a glimpse of the real hope for the future, read “Can There Be Peace on Earth?