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Heat-Related Deaths in Pakistan

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“Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif has called for emergency measures as the death toll from a heatwave in southern Sindh province reached nearly 700. The army is now being deployed to help set up heat stroke centres, with temperatures reaching 45C (113F)… There is anger among local residents at the authorities because power cuts have restricted the use of air-conditioning units and fans, correspondents say… Matters have been made worse by the widespread abstention from water during daylight hours during the fasting month of Ramadan” (BBC, June 23, 2015).

“The hope now is that with the expected pre-monsoon rains later in the week the weather will improve. That will certainly provide much-needed respite to millions affected by the heatwave, but it won’t change the chronic underlying problems this ever-growing city of 20 million faces—a dysfunctional infrastructure and poor governance” (ibid.).

The world today cries out for righteous leadership—something that will drastically change the world when it occurs. Christ will return in the future as “the righteous Judge” (2 Timothy 4:8) and will rule the earth with righteousness—completely changing the world from what it is today (Isaiah 32:1-4). At that time, people in the world will fast to draw closer to God (Mark 2:20), but not for just the daylight hours of a month as more than a billion Muslims now do annually. Additionally, the excessive temperatures that we see today will be moderated as rains come in due season (Leviticus 26:4). For more on this coming Millennial world, view The Soon-Coming Utopia.