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Homosexual Couples Question Same-Sex Marriage

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Ironically, as same-sex marriage is legalized, homosexual couples are increasingly uncertain about getting married (Associated Press, October 24, 2014). “When gay marriage became legal in Pennsylvania earlier this year, Elissa Goldberg was ready to say ‘I do.’ Her longtime partner’s reaction, however, was ‘I’m not so sure’” (ibid.). Homosexual couples are questioning whether they should legally wed, even though most states now allow same-sex marriage (30 states so far) (ibid.). One family rights lawyer commented, “With rights come responsibilities… When you lawfully marry… you have certain obligations to that spouse” (ibid.). Growing numbers of homosexual couples are writing prenuptial agreements in case of a future divorce. And more are choosing not to wed and instead just “live together” to avoid the commitment required by legalized marriage (ibid.). 

After all the efforts and clamor to legalize same-sex marriage, is it any wonder people do not have the desire and character for a lifetime commitment? Interestingly, “same-sex couples who live together are at least four times as likely as opposite-sex couples to reject marriage, even when it is available to them” (Christian Post, September 27, 2014). God established marriage with Adam and Eve, and He revealed laws to protect marriage (no adultery or fornication—Exodus 20:14). God also promised that if we would obey His commands, we would be blessed (Leviticus 26:1-13).

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