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Israel Is at War!

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Last Saturday, in a coordinated assault from the land, sea, and air, Hamas attacked Israeli targets from Gaza. Over 1,200 were killed in Israel, more than 100 hostages were taken, and Hamas is threatening to kill the hostages, who include old ladies and children. In response, Israel’s prime minister has declared war on Hamas and Israel has been pounding targets in Gaza with a military response.

Many suggest that Hamas’ attack is in response to a historic agreement almost brokered that would normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. And many analysts, and even high-ranking Hamas leaders, have stated publicly that Iran backs Hamas’ military efforts. Because of the scale of this unprovoked attack, many nations around the globe have come out in unified condemnation of Hamas—even governments traditionally critical of Israel. On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas’ attack on Israel “will change the Middle East” (Reuters, October 9, 2023) and he may well be right. Many leaders in Germany have also come out in strong support of Israel.

Bible prophecy describes many developments yet to take place in the land of Israel, including the resumption of Jewish sacrifices on or near the Temple Mount and the arrival of a non-Israelite power that will control Jerusalem at the end of the age. How these recent developments may factor in the unfolding of these prophecies is yet to be seen. Germany is prophesied to lead the future European “beast power” mentioned by the Bible, so its involvement in Jerusalem bears special watching. To learn more about the prophetic backdrop of this week’s events and what lies in store for the future of this volatile region, be sure to read or listen to our powerful booklet The Middle East in Prophecy!