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Japan and India’s Growing Relationship

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“Japan will provide $12 billion of soft loans to build India’s first bullet train, the two nations announced during a visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that also yielded deeper defence ties and a plan for civil nuclear cooperation… Under defence deals announced on Saturday, the two sides will share technology, equipment and military information, but the long-awaited sale of Japanese aircraft in a deal worth about $1.1 billion was not concluded” (Reuters, December 12, 2015). Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted “The memorandum we signed on civil nuclear energy cooperation is more than just an agreement for commerce and clean energy, it is a shining symbol of a new level of mutual confidence and strategic partnership in the cause of peaceful and secure world” (ibid.).

End-time Bible prophecies describe a powerful military alliance known as the “kings from the east” (of Jerusalem) that will descend on the Holy Land at the end of the age, with a huge army (Revelation 9:13-18). This eastern power will ultimately “trouble” the European Beast power that comes to confront it (Daniel 11:44-45). India’s and Japan’s growing military and political cooperation could play into this military force that will come from the east. To learn more about future events in this important part of the world, read “Five Prophetic Signs for the Middle East.”