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Jordan and Israel Meet

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Reuters reported in January that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unexpectedly traveled to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah. The two leaders apparently discussed maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount, joint security details, and economic cooperation between the two nations. They also discussed speeding up the “Green and Blue Prosperity Agreement” begun by Israel, UAE, and Jordan in November 2021 (Globes, January 30, 2023). This deal requires, among other actions, Jordan to build solar farms to supply Israel with electricity. It also requires Israel to build a desalinization plant to provide Jordan with fresh water.

The relationship between Jordan and Israel stands out because it is between a Jewish nation and a Muslim nation. Yet Jordan has a long history of going in a different direction than its fellow Arab neighbors and establishing unusual relationships with Western nations. Such tendencies might relate to a specific mention of Jordan in Bible prophecy.

At the end of the age, the European king of the North will attack the Arab king of the South. Yet, in the powerful southward charge of the northern superpower, Scripture reveals that “Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon”—the modern-day region of Jordan—will escape, while their Arab neighbors will be overthrown (Daniel 11:41). Jordan’s willingness to establish favorable relationships with Western nations may play a role in enabling it to fare differently than most other Arab nations in the coming end-time events. To learn more about the future of Jordan and Israel be sure to watch “The Future of Jerusalem.”