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Military Push for Multi-Speed Europe

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It has been talked about for years: a multi-speed Europe where nations opt in and out of initiatives as they wish, with those in the center moving forward quickly and powerfully to full integration and those on the periphery lagging behind. In the wake of Brexit, the EU has moved quickly with its new military alliance known as PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation). “PESCO is significant not just because it marks a push by the EU into the military sphere but also because it represents ‘multispeed Europe’ in action. Twenty-five of the EU’s current 28 members have signed up—Malta, Denmark and soon-to-depart Britain are the outsiders. But different groups of countries take part in different projects” (Politico, December 14, 2017).

What is so significant about a multi-speed Europe? The sobering truth is that PESCO sets an important precedent for European nations because a more militarized and organized Europe is highlighted in end-time Bible prophecy. A review of PESCO reveals—and recent initiatives demonstrate—that different nations can choose to participate in different military activities. For example, Germany and only six other nations are set to begin work on a European Medical Command initiative (Politico, December 10, 2017).

Where will this self-selection of military activities eventually lead? Revelation 17 reveals that ultimately a group of 10 “kings” within a European beast power will receive authority with the beast for a short time (v. 12). These kings will have one mind and give their power and authority (surrender their sovereignty) over to the beast (v. 13). Ultimately this militarized group of nations will fight together against Jesus Christ at His return (v. 14). PESCO appears to be a way for a group of nations to push ahead together within the EU, even if others choose to remain behind. For more about this coming European beast power and what it will be like, be sure to view our revealing telecast “The Beast of Revelation.”