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Muslim Invasion of Europe?

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“One of the most important prelates in the Catholic Church in Hungary has warned that the enormous waves of migrants rolling into Europe are due in no small part to a Muslim ‘will to conquer,’ by expanding their territory into the continent. ‘Jihad is a principle for Muslims that means they must expand. The earth must become dar al-Islam, that is, Islamic territory, by introducing Shariah—Islamic law’” (Breitbart, August 3, 2016). “The archbishop of Veszprém said that although there may be other motivations, the conquest of European territory for Islam plays a significant role in the unusual pressure to migrate to Europe. ‘There have always been wars and environmental disasters, but the fact that there is now so much pressure on Europe cannot be a coincidence’” (ibid.).

The wave of Islamic immigrants rolling into Europe is not a coincidence! Long ago, the prophet Daniel foretold of a coming clash between an end-time “king of the south” and the European “king of the north” (see Daniel 11:40-43). In this prophecy, the king of the south will “push” against the king of the north until the king of the north finally overruns and subdues the king of the south. The struggle we are witnessing between these two regions will continue to escalate before it all comes to an end. For more prophetic insight into this geopolitical struggle, read or listen to The Middle East in Prophecy.