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No More War!

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Suffering is ever-present in the human condition. In the nation of Yemen—torn by war and subsequent famine—parents and children know the effects of war in detail. Cholera and the crumbling health care system are impacting children especially! “With low immunity, poor nutritional intake and unsanitary living conditions, these children are sitting on the cusp of infection and disease. The collapsing health system—where doctors haven’t been paid and basic medical supplies are in extreme shortage—is making matters worse” (UNICEF, June 23, 2017). Parents who cannot afford treatment for their children or do not have access to medical care are forced to watch their infants and children simply die. The country also faces a shortage of safe water and medical supplies, which is making the situation worse (ibid.).

War and suffering are the ultimate result of world societies overseen by a powerful spirit being known as “the god of this age”—Satan the devil (2 Corinthians 4:4). But war and suffering will not always exist. One day there will be no more war (Isaiah 2:3–4; Revelation 21:4). For more on a world without war, read or listen to “The End of War?