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No Place to Call Home

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According to a new report from the United Nations refugee agency, “Last year saw a record spike in people forcibly uprooted from their homes” (Deutsche Welle, June 14, 2023). In 2022, the number of displaced people around the globe rose by nearly twenty million—with many connected to the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Sudan. Tragically, poorer countries are bearing the burden of housing the refugees.

One encouraging item in the report is that in 2022, nearly six million displaced persons were able to return to their homes—primarily in Syria, Ethiopia, and Myanmar. However, more than one hundred million people were displaced.

War, lust, and greed are major contributors to the forcible displacement of people from their homes. Yet, there is good news on the horizon. The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ is going to return to set up the Kingdom of God and put an end to war (Isaiah 2:4). Also, God will create a system where land remains in a family’s possession. Even if it is lost for a time, it will be returned to the family at the end of each fifty-year cycle. Home and land are important to human beings, and they are also very important to God. To learn more about this peaceful future, be sure to watch “The Way to Peace.”