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Sabre Rattling over “The Rock”

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“The British government on Sunday accused Spain of violating its sovereignty over Gibraltar, saying Spanish state vessels had repeatedly and unlawfully entered its territorial waters without notifying it. The row is the latest in a long line of diplomatic spats between Britain and Spain over the territory, which was ceded to Britain about 300 years ago but which Spanish authorities now want to reclaim” (Reuters, August 9, 2015). However, an official from Spain’s Foreign Office denied any wrongdoing and claimed “the waters are Spanish” (ibid.).

Gibraltar is one of only two remaining “sea gates” under Britain’s control. The Rock of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain and defend, as Spain and Argentina assert their desire to reclaim the disputed lands. Long ago, God promised that the Israelite-descended nations would “possess the gate of your enemies” as a blessing for Abraham’s obedience (Genesis 22:17). Yet Bible prophecies warn that if these birthright nations turn away from God and violate His laws, these strategic gates will be lost (Deuteronomy 28:15, 52-57). Today, only two remain under British control. How long will it be until Gibraltar and the Falklands are also gone? For more on this topic, read “Sea Gates in Peril.”