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Scottish Independence?

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For over 300 years Scotland has been part of the UK. Now the Scots are set to vote on September 18 on independence from the UK (Telegraph, August 31, 2014). No one knows the exact outcome of the vote, but the Scottish National Party is already preparing—behind the scenes—for a “no” vote and working to obtain greater political powers for Scotland should such a vote occur (ibid.). Scottish independence is an emotionally charged issue, leaving many to wonder about its true benefits. Opponents question how an independent Scotland will defend itself (The Guardian, March 1, 2012), how it will support itself financially (The Week, September 1, 2014; The Guardian, March 2, 2012), and what currency it would use (BBC, September 2, 2014). 

Whether Scotland achieves independence through its national referendum later this month remains to be seen. Should this happen though, it could be just one more tool used by God to “break the pride” of Britain’s power—as has long been prophesied (Leviticus 26:19). God pronounced this “curse” because the Israelite-descended nations would reject His ways. The UK’s increasing godlessness was foreshadowed by this prophecy.

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