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The Future of France and Germany

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The Franco-German relationship that has held Europe together is faltering. “‘The problem is that the relationship has become deeply unbalanced,’ said Dominique Moïsi, a senior adviser at the French Institute for International Relations. ‘The French and Germans are not playing in the same league any longer, and the overall equilibrium of Europe was depending on a relatively balanced relationship, which no longer exists’” (New York Times, September 21, 2014). “Alfred Grosser, a leading German-French writer and sociologist, said the modern relationship has never been so dire,” even though the average French or German citizen feels no differently about each other (ibid.). Mr. Grosser also noted “What those people need is leadership…With Mr. Hollande so weak, and Ms. Merkel so cautious, even enigmatic, the French and German people feel a void” (ibid.).

Bible prophecy reveals that a European leadership void will create an opportunity for a powerful leader to fill. This leader, likely German, will use charisma and “intrigue”, gain support of ten other European leaders (Daniel 11:20-24; Revelation 17:12-18). These ten end-time leaders will form the long-prophesied Beast power foretold in Daniel 2:42-44 and Revelation 13:1-10.

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