The Future of Germany

News and Prophecy Staff
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A couple of weeks ago, Angela Merkel was finally able to piece together a coalition government. Although some are happy, her opponents have been critical of the concessions she was forced to make with the opposing Social Democratic party. Now, an increasing number of people, even within Mrs. Merkel’s own party, are calling for an end to her leadership (Financial Times, February 13, 2018). Many are calling for new, younger leadership in Germany. Speaking of the future of German politics under the influence of the rising Social Democratic party, one reporter commented that these politicians, “most of whom are relatively unknown outside Berlin, will be the ones to shape the politics of Europe and Germany, the EU’s mightiest member, in the years to come” (Politico, February 9, 2018).

Although Chancellor Merkel has vowed to fulfill her four-year term, some are calling for her immediate step-down—after twelve years as Germany’s powerful head (Financial Times, November 20, 2017). Who might the next German leader be? Many have speculated, but whoever it is, this person will likely bring changes to both Germany and Europe.

Germany has functioned as both the financial and political head of the EU in recent years. While other EU leaders desire the leadership reins, their nations are not positioned as Germany. Bible prophecy reveals that an end-time “beast” power will arise from Europe, very likely led by Germany. Its leader will be powerful, shrewd, ambitious and even pompous. Will the next German leader be the one spoken of in Bible prophecy? We must watch and see. Meanwhile, instability continues, as Germany and much of Europe seem to be in a sea of political change—not unlike much of the rest of the world. For more on the future of Germany, watch “Four Prophecies for Germany.”