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The Influence of Schools and Society

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In a recent article entitled “Children think it’s normal to be ‘gender-fluid,’” author Alice Thomson observed, “Twenty years ago the average age at which people came out was 25; now it is 16” (The Times, April 12, 2017). She further observed, “Acceptance of gay relationships now spans the generations but the young have distinct views on shifting sexual identity.” Ms. Thomson shared examples of teenagers militantly defending LGBT rights and labels and viewing fifty-year-old social rules with disgust and disbelief. The article adds, “A friend teaching in a London girls’ secondary school says that at least a third of the girls in the sixth form have had same-sex relationships. ‘It’s not a rebellion—more curiosity,’ she says. ‘Children don’t feel restrained by old conventions any more.’”

Moral confusion is increasingly rampant, as the moral foundation of much of Western culture—the Ten Commandments—is expunged from mainstream society. God clearly made humans “male and female” and designed marriage to be between them (Genesis 1:27)—a fact lost on biblically illiterate societies, where increasing numbers of so-called “Christians” no longer believe in the resurrection of Christ (BBC, April 9, 2017)! Society is assuring that children can no longer discern between good and evil (Isaiah 5:20)—a trend that godly parents must vigilantly defend against. For more tools parents and grandparents can use to defend children against Satan’s amoral attacks, read or listen to Successful Parenting: God’s Way.