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Gender Confusion in First Grade

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Last year a male kindergarten student in California was “reintroduced” to classmates at the end of the year as a girl, with a new, feminine name. As school started back after the summer vacation, a young girl was sent to the principal’s office (typically seen as punishment in the U.S. educational system) for referring to the child as “him” instead of “her” and using the child’s former name—apparently with no intent to malign the child (Washington Times, August 23, 2017). Although some policy experts advocate for “gender education” as early as kindergarten, the Family Policy Institute of Washington policy director Chris Plante observed, “We don’t allow our kids to cross the street unattended at this age because they can’t understand the concept of a car, never mind gender expression.”

With the political correctness movement increasingly running amuck, it is easier to understand the prophet Isaiah’s description of society at the end of the age, as he observed, “The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faints” (Isaiah 1:5). In an attempt to protect those on the fringes of societal norms, an increasing number of societal leaders apparently fail to consider the confusion their decisions create in the minds of children. For more insights into modern social trends, read our brief article, “Is It Good or Evil?