The World Could Change Drastically, and Soon! | Tomorrow’s World News and Prophecy — June 28, 2024

The World Could Change Drastically, and Soon!

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In a recent article, “6 Lame Ducks and Giorgia Meloni: Meet the G7 Class of 2024,” Politico highlighted how leaders of six of the seven nations could soon be replaced. These leaders include Emmanuel Macron of France, Olaf Scholz of Germany, Joe Biden of the United States, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Fumio Kishida of Japan, and Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom. The only member of the G7 who looks to be solidly in power going into the future is Giorgia Meloni of Italy, who leads the only G7 nation that is not considered a world power. Ms. Meloni is considered a far-right conservative, and her power and prowess have increased as Europe’s electorate has become far more conservative, as illustrated in recent elections on the continent.

The reality that six of the seven G7 leaders could soon change is sobering for the nations they lead and foreshadows a sea change in geopolitics. Major leaders come and go, but seldom do so many change at the same time—which raises a lot of big questions. How will their replacements get along? Will they be unified or at odds in their visions for the world? How will they deal with other, more challenging world leaders? What is their philosophy on European Unity? How will they act under the growing pressure of a potential World War III?

For those who watch geopolitics without a biblical understanding, life continues to get more and more frightening. However, the Bible brings a unique perspective that offers real hope. The Scripture makes clear that it is the God of the universe who moves men and women into and out of powerful leadership roles (Daniel 2:20–22). That God is also working out a plan and purpose on this earth (Daniel 4:17; Job 12:23). Bible prophecies reveal that difficult times are coming that will impact the entire world. Yet, the prophecies plainly state that a new, all-powerful leader will appear to usher in a new age that will bring peace to this troubled planet—the returning Jesus Christ. To learn more about this good news, be sure to read or listen to Armageddon and Beyond.