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United States Pushes for German Leadership

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“US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Monday urged Germany to bolster its defense spending ‘to ensure that Germany’s defense investments match Germany’s leadership role’” (Deutsche Welle, June 22, 2015). “The United States is pleased to hear that Germany is willing to assume a leadership role. Carter commended Berlin’s strong show in addressing the Ukraine crisis and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s demonstration of her extraordinary leadership skills in her diplomatic dealings with Moscow and Kyiv. He noted that Germany is also an important partner in nuclear talks with Afghanistan and Iran” (Deutsche Welle, June 23, 2015). Germany recently decided to increase its defense spending over the next five years by 6.2 percent to meet the demands of a changing role in world affairs (Reuters, March 17, 2015).

Bible prophecy indicates Germany (Assyria) will become a global power at the end of the age and will be the rod of God’s anger against sinful nations (Isaiah 10:5-6). This superpower will dominate the world and will have an impact on “all the nations” (Revelation 18:3). As the pride of the modern Israelite nations continues to wane, Germany will be pushed to fill the leadership void on the world scene—militarily, economically and politically.

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