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Western Infertility Crisis

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Hebrew University scientists report that fertility rates among men in Western nations are dropping each year by 1.4 percent (The Guardian, July 29, 2017). Over the last 40 years, male fertility rates in these nations have dropped by over 50 percent! The problem is compounded when Western families wait until women are over age 30 to conceive, resulting in lower fertility rates among women. Men outside the Western world seem to be unaffected by this trend (ibid.).

God warned the Israelite-descended peoples at the end-of-the-age that “cursed shall be the fruit of your body”—because they would reject Him and His ways (Deuteronomy 28:15-18). Although God did not specify how this curse would happen, the implication is that it has to do with Israel’s sins—including lifestyle choices that cause infertility (see mayoclinic.org, August 11, 2015). It is sobering to watch this curse begin to happen today in many Israelite-descended nations. However, the Bible also promises blessings of fertility when we obey His instructions (Deuteronomy 28:2–4).