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Where is God?

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The spread of terrorism and recent attacks in France, the daily stabbings in Israel and the turmoil, suffering and death in the world, even religious leaders are questioning their faith. “Justin Welby [Archbishop of Canterbury] said he was left asking why the attacks happened, and where God was in the French victim’s time of need…asked if these attacks had caused him to doubt where God is, he said: ‘O gosh, yes,’ and admitted it put ‘a chink in his armour’” (Telegraph, November 22, 2015).

So where is God in all this tragedy? Few remember that God warned the ancient nation of Israel that if they turned away from Him and despised His laws, they would suffer serious consequences (Leviticus 26:14-39). The prophet Isaiah warned, “They have forsaken the Lord…They have turned away backward…I am weary of bearing them. When you spread out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not hear” (Isaiah 1:4, 14-15). Isaiah urged the sinful nation to repent and return to God, but they refused and were punished (Isaiah 1:16-25). The Israelite nations of today—America, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and Commonwealth Nations have turned away from the biblical morality that once separated them from the rest of the world. Because of this God is allowing these ancient prophecies to be fulfilled in our time. For more on this sobering subject, read The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.