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Will Britain Leave the EU?

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Political struggles are threatening the internal cohesion of the European Union. Following the elections for the European Parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron warned, “his country could leave the European Union if Luxembourg’s former premier Jean-Claude Juncker became the next European Commission president” (Agence-France Presse, May 31, 2014). Britain is not alone in its mistrust of Mr. Juncker, who is known to favor deeper integration for a more federated Europe. Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands, Finland and even France also oppose Juncker as the next European Commission president (ibid.; AFP, May 31, 2014). 

A recent Der Spiegel editorial demonstrated the divide in the EU and growing animosity toward Britain. “Europe has taken British sensitivities and particularities into account for long enough… For years, Britain has blackmailed and made a fool out of the EU. The United Kingdom must finally make a choice: It can play by the rules or it can leave the European Union” (June 3, 2014).

Bible prophecies speak of a fragile end-time political body in Europe made of “iron and clay” (Daniel 2:40-44). Other prophecies indicate that Israelite-descended nations of Western Europe (such as Britain and France) will not be part of the final configuration of the European Beast power that God will use to actually punish His backsliding people (Isaiah 10:5-11; Hosea 5; 8; 11).

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