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Young Men Suffer and No One Cares!

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The concept of “toxic masculinity” has attracted much press in recent years. In some ways, men acting in ungodly ways have brought the label and condemnation on themselves. But our society tends to readily apply this label to any man who has confidence, goals, and ambitions, and is even remotely assertive. In a recent article in the Telegraph, columnist Madeline Grant observed that, as many seek to force positive male role models into the shadows with accusations of “toxic masculinity,” they have made way for more profoundly extreme and truly toxic men to fill the void (January 11, 2023).

As Grant points out in her article, young boys no longer aim for the milestones once expected of them, such as the opportunity to graduate from school or earn a living and support a wife and family. Fewer fathers now live at home, and many young men cannot earn enough income even to live on their own! She cites statistics from the United Kingdom, where 27 percent of 27-year-old men still live at home. This compares to only 13 percent of 27-year-old women! The sad truth is that few are concerned about this trend. And as men are imagined to be less and less relevant to society, women have skyrocketed to the fore—and have, in many ways, been there for well over a decade. As far back as 2012, author Hanna Rosin noted in her book The End of Men that 12 out of 15 of the top growing professions in the United States were dominated by women.

Bible prophecy warns that as the end of the age approaches, men will be displaced as leaders of society: “As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them” (Isaiah 3:12). This decline leads not only to a social role reversal, but also to the demise of the family as God created it. To learn more about this profound but often ignored trend, be sure to watch our powerful Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint video “Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?