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Children Become Oppressors

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Recently in Wisconsin, two twelve-year-old girls attacked and brutally stabbed their twelve-year-old friend 19 times (CNN, June 4, 2014). A cyclist found the victim and she is now in stable condition. The two suspects apparently planned the attack since February. They have been charged as adults (ibid.). Police told reporters that “Both suspects had a fascination with a fictitious character that often posted to websites dealing with stories about death and horror… One of the suspects told police that Slenderman is the site’s supposed leader, and to climb into his realm, a user must kill someone” (ibid.). 

This shocking atrocity illustrates the insidious nature of the increasingly evil content on the Internet and its impact on young people. The prophet Isaiah foresaw the tragic state of society at the end of the age, “As for My people, children are their oppressors… Those who lead you cause you to err” (Isaiah 3:12). Partly as a result of misguided education and entertainment, many children today are no longer able to distinguish between good and evil or right and wrong (see our News and Prophecy piece on “Schools Destroy Morals”). These heart-breaking events certainly point to the need for the return of Jesus Christ to bring peace to this earth (Romans 8:19-23).

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