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Foundations of Western Culture: Abraham

Foundations of Western Culture: Abraham

  Original Air Date: 10th February 2022

Over the past generation, the knowledge and stories related by the Bible that once formed a framework for our laws, literature and even our scientific advances have been lost. Thus, we have a growing population that has been effectively quarantined from the foundation of our culture and immersed in anti-social nihilistic rhetoric, leaving most people adrift without moral or cultural moorings. One ancient figure whose impact in establishing the foundation for Western Culture is the Biblical Abraham.


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The Apostles' Prophetic Journeys

Jesus told His disciples to go into “all the world” to preach the Gospel. But where did the first disciples go? Many do not realize that the Apostles journeyed to Europe and even to the British Isles within decades of Jesus’ resurrection. How is this fascinating history still relevant to us today? You need to know!

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