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Stuart Wachowicz

Canada Chooses Chaos

Canadian soldiers marching

How far from biblical truth and morality will Canada and the rest of Western society fall before confusion gives way to catastrophe?

The Fall of Nineveh

We review several prophecies found in the book of Nahum which archaeology has confirmed regarding the fall of the ancient city of Nineveh.

The Remarkable Beaver

Beavers along water

Beavers are some of nature’s most remarkable builders.

The Attack on Parental Rights

The Attack on Parental Rights

Parents can see that institutions promoting gender-bending agendas are hijacking children’s minds and safety. What hope remains for your kids and their future?

What Happens When I Die?

Today many in our society claim to have no interest or belief in religion and readily dismiss the idea of an afterlife.  Of course, opinion on the matter may shift a bit with age or illness, as one’s apparent mortality becomes more obvious.  Almost all people will at one point ponder the question: “What happens when I die?”