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The Miracle of Dunkirk

The Miracle of Dunkirk

  Original Air Date: 12th July 2017

The British and allied army found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation.  It appeared that the German army would annihilate them on the shores and beaches of northwestern Europe.  Hundreds of thousands of lives hung in the balance.  What followed is considered by many to be a great miracle from God. Learn more about the miracle at Dunkirk.

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Who Controls the Weather?

Are "natural disasters" the impersonal workings of "Mother Nature"— or can they be a VITAL message from God? Weather calamities are sometimes called "acts of God"—but what is His ACTUAL role in the droughts, famines, floods and earthquakes that affect our world? What does the Bible say about weather disasters at the end of the age? What can a Christian do to prepare?