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The Verdict Is In

The Verdict Is In

  Original Air Date: 21st September 2017

The last century saw dramatic changes in moral behavior, especially in what are referred to as Western nations. But, the changes taking place since the turn of the century have been breathtaking. Who would have guessed that we would see such drastic changes in public opinion regarding sexual behavior. Have these changes been for the better? Let’s examine the fruits of these changes and determine if they have been for the better. The verdict is in.

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The Ten Commandments

Modern society is in conflict over the Ten Commandments. Have they been “done away” by divine fiat or by mankind’s march toward scientific knowledge? Should they be displayed in public places, or reserved for church? Are they a burden to “enlightened” people, or a blessing to those who obey them?

King David said, “Oh, how I love Your law!” and called it perfect. The Apostle Paul called it holy, just, and good. Jesus Christ honored, magnified, obeyed, and commanded obedience to the Ten Commandments. But to most people, the Ten Commandments remain an enigma. This booklet explains plainly this inexorable living law, soon to become the basic law of tomorrow’s peaceful, prosperous, joyful world!

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