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The Truth About Divine Healing

The Truth About Divine Healing

What is the truth about divine healing? The disease epidemics that Jesus Christ prophesied in your own Bible may soon be on the way. What happens when the doctors and hospitals are overwhelmed? These epidemics are coming. What happens when certain disease strains grow strong resistance to these wonder drugs? Will millions of people just simply die? Does the God of the Bible really offer the hope of Divine healing? Is this a part of the gospel that Jesus Christ preached?

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Christian Baptism: Its Real Meaning

What do you see when you look at yourself?
How badly do you personally need God’s
forgiveness? Do you really stand in need of a Savior?

Perhaps you have already been baptized
as a child, or maybe as an infant. You might
not even remember the event. Is your
baptism really valid and acceptable in God’s sight?
This is a truly vital question, because
your very salvation depends on the answer!

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