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Dexter B. Wakefield

Unnatural Disasters

The entertainment industry has filled people's minds with many false ideas about the end of the world. Will you recognize—and be ready for—Jesus Christ when He returns?

Is This "The End of History"?

Mankind has been searching for the ideal form of government for thousands of years. Will that ideal government ever be found? If so, what will it be? Your Bible reveals the encouraging and hope-filled answer!

Nine-Eleven Plus Ten

Ten years after hijacked airliners were crashed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, how has our world changed? What are the current dangers that may lead to the collapse of Western society?

An Islamic Wind?

Frustration, humiliation­—then desperation. Mohamed Bouazizi was trying to support his family as a street vendor when Tunisian police confiscated his vegetable cart and produce. They claimed he lacked a permit. When Bouazizi complained, he reportedly was slapped and humiliated by a female municipal official. In protest, on December 17, 2010, he burned himself to death in an act of self-immolation that sparked a wave of protests—leading to the toppling of Tunisia's 26-year-old Ben Ali regime.

Easter or Passover: Which Is for Christians?

On April 24 this year, billions of people will celebrate Easter. About a week earlier, after sunset on Sunday, April 17, many Christians will gather to observe the biblical Passover. Does it matter which festivals you observe? The answer may surprise you!