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Can You Sanctify the Pagan?

Gargoyle for sanctifying paganism

Is it right to worship God with pagan holidays and customs—or to casually dismiss concerns about doing so? In fact, the Bible itself warns against and condemns both!

The Legacy of The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli statue

What if Niccolò Machiavelli’s influential book “The Prince” only tells us what God already knew the world would be like under Satan’s influence? Are Machiavellian politics and personalities really the most successful, or does God’s word show us a better way?

A Quarry of Living Stones

Azure Lake Quarry

Will there ever be another temple built in Jerusalem? What if God were building a very different temple out of a very special people living on earth today?

Will Russia Break Up?

Putin walking in front of parade soldiers

Russia is misunderstood by many. There are forces as work within one of the largest countries in the world that will shape end-time events and the rise of the Beast of Revelation. What might lie ahead for Russia in Bible Prophecy?

Europe’s “Great Reset”

Is the European Union on a collision course with Russia—or rushing toward a date with destiny? Bible prophecy warns that a world-ruling power will rise before Jesus Christ’s return, and the pressures of war, shifting alliances, and risk of economic collapse may just be the dynamic forces that bring about its birth—along with a great unifying religious movement.