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Dexter B. Wakefield

The Savior of Europe?

There are reports of a formulating plan that would take a giant step towards European federal integration—a plan that would take away the fiscal sovereignty of the EU nations and invest it in a central bureaucratic body. The financial weakness of several Eurozone states could force them to accept this dominant power, the creation of which is supported by Germany.

Faith on the Football Field?

After the winning field goal, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos NFL football team dropped down on one knee and said a quick prayer. This act, which quarterback Tim Tebow has repeated in other games, is his way of expressing his faith, in that he believes he should give glory to his God for his accomplishments. Now, “Tebowing”—the act of dropping down on one knee to pray, elbow planted on knee—is widely mimicked both to praise and to mock the young star quarterback’s faith.

Mitteleuropa: A Dream Coming True?

"Some strategic thinkers in Germany have long had dreams of dominating Europe in a controversial plan called Mitteleuropa, but in military implementation it has always failed. The word Mitteleuropa is used as both a place and an idea. Geographically, it is the Germans’ general area of central Europe, and conceptually, it was a plan first presented around 1915 for German domination of the region.

Are the Germans now in a position to have by economic means the domination they never achieved militarily? A growing number of analysts are saying that the adoption of the euro as the common European currency makes this outcome inevitable. But the same economic factors that made Germany’s economy strong relative to some other EU countries are also destabilizing the EU monetarily. What lies ahead for the euro and the European Union? And what perspective does the Bible give on these rapidly developing events?"