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Dexter B. Wakefield

Disrupting the Supply Chain

Cargo shipping in port with containers and harbor

Are the COVID-19 outbreaks and resulting economic troubles signs of “sudden disaster” as described in the Bible? What else can the world expect if we are living in the prophesied end times?

Are You Ready for the Great Reset?

Are You Ready for the Great Reset?

Have you heard of the Great Reset? Most people haven’t, but some very prestigious and serious people around the world think it’s coming your way—and soon. Later this year, it will be the subject of a major meeting of world leaders. If they get their way, it will dramatically change daily life for billions of people on planet Earth!

When the World’s Economy Gets the Flu

Covid 19 letter blocks on coins

Pestilence and pandemics are mentioned in Bible prophecy, and they infect the global economy along with the world population. How could this coronavirus outbreak affect entire nations for years to come?


What used to be considered shameful language has become commonplace. But what does profanity really communicate to those who hear it?

What Is the Draw of Sharia Law?

What Is the Draw of Sharia Law?

Though it is often described as strict and harsh, many Muslims all over the world are choosing Sharia law. Why? Their motivations may surprise you.