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Douglas S. Winnail

Bible Principles of Health

What do you do to stay healthy? Does your health have anything to do with your Christian life? Scripture outlines vital principles that can help you lead a longer and happier life!

A World Deceived!

Why are there so many religions in the world? Why are there so many conflicting ideologies warring for people's allegiance? And why have human efforts to achieve peace and happiness failed again and again? The Bible reveals answers to these sobering questions in prophecies that are coming alive today!

Papal Primacy?

Is there an unbroken "apostolic succession" of Roman bishops extending from Peter to the present Pope Benedict XVI? What does history reveal about long-standing claims of special authority for the Bishop of Rome?

The Final Crusade?

Diplomats and most citizens of European and Islamic nations desire peace, but Bible prophecies—coming alive today—foretell a major confrontation between Europe and the Islamic world in the years just ahead.

Finding the "Lost" Tribes of Israel

Most scholars today dismiss these reports as myths, and condescendingly point to what they consider the lack of solid evidence that these tribes exist today. What of the idea that the peoples of Western Europe and the British Isles are part of the Lost Ten Tribes?