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Douglas S. Winnail

Twilight of the Gods

The Twilight of the Gods—heralded as Götterdämmerung in the opera by composer Richard Wagner—is a medieval story from pagan Norse mythology. It describes a series of natural disasters and a great battle that results in the death of several gods and brings the end of the world—after which the earth is reborn anew.

Coming: A "United States of Europe"!

The burgeoning financial crisis spreading through the nations of the European Union is generating increasing calls for the creation of a real federal government for Europe—a United States of Europe! For many in the media and secular government circles, this is a fresh new development in the ongoing quest for a politically unified Europe. However, Bible prophecies have long foretold that such an event would occur at a critical time in human history—a time referred to as the "end of the age" and just before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. These remarkable events in Europe bear watching, as ancient Bible prophecies come alive in our headlines today!

The New "Normal"?

For hundreds and even thousands of years, nearly all of the many Western value systems understood homosexual conduct to be against the natural order and the will of God. Yet, in recent decades, the move to tolerate, then accept, and then "normalize" the practice of homosexuality has become a major force in Western political and cultural life.

Forgetfulness, Disobedience and Sudden Demise!

Few today understand why Great Britain became the world's first superpower and gained an empire that spanned the globe, or why America rose to dominate the world stage. Fewer still grasp what the future holds for these Anglo-Saxon cousins! However, Bible prophecies hold surprising information about the true origins of British and American dominance and the sobering fate of two peoples who have forgotten their unique origins and the obligations that came with blessings and power. Many of these remarkable prophecies have been fulfilled, and many more are coming alive today!

The True Gospel Proclaimed!

Most professing Christian churches today believe they are following the instructions of Jesus to "go into all the world and preach the gospel" (Mark 16:15). Many sincere efforts have been made to preach a nice-sounding message that God loves everyone, Jesus died to save sinners and that by accepting Jesus as your Savior you will go to heaven. However, what most professing Christians do not realize is that they have accepted a different gospel than Jesus and the Apostles proclaimed!