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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

The Bible - A Book for Today

In this program, John Ogwyn presents information that shows the Bible for what it is: a book of vital instruction and prophecy that is useful for all ages, including our own. Listen today and begin to use the Bible to make sense of the past, present, and the future!

What Is Man? - A Search for Answers

Is science the answer to humankind’s problems? Or is religion the key? Neither has answered the question “what is man?” But there is an answer to be found, in the book that neither science, nor worldly religion, understands: the Bible. John Ogwyn presents the answer in this special program.

James, the Brother of Jesus

Jesus Christ of Nazareth had brothers and sisters! John Ogwyn presents important information on "James the Greater," brother of Jesus and the role he played in the early church.

Seven Keys to Understanding Revelation

Can you really know what the future holds? There are many people who are full of anxiety and uncertainty about the years ahead. Are you one of them? There is a book in your Bible - the Book of Revelation - that claims to lay out the future in advance. Is it really possible for you to understand this mysterious book?

Is This the End Time?

Can you really know whether or not this is the end-time? Haven't there been those in virtually every generation who have claimed that their generation was the end-time? Is our generation that much different from countless generations before? Is this the end-time?