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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

Rebuilding Healthy Families

The American family may be in serious trouble. Unhealthy family environments may be caused by alcoholism, wrong ideas about child-rearing, physical abuse and even sexual abuse. But unhealthy families can be rebuilt, and God's Word provides a blueprint to show how this can be done.

The Secret Rapture-False Hope for End-Time Christians!

Is Jesus Christ going to secretly rapture away His church in the end time, leaving the rest of humanity in the Great Tribulation? The rapture is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. But scripture does clearly show that Christ's return will not be in secret.

The Middle East-Will A New Millennium Bring Peace at Last?

As the 20th century draws to a close, world attention is focused on Jerusalem, the ancient city at the heart of ongoing peace negotiations in the Middle East. Scripture tells us that the new millennium will see peace finally come to Jerusalem—and the entire world—but in a way that current world leaders least expect!

Youth Violence-What Difference Can Parents Make?

In the face of a youth culture that too often glorifies rebellion and violence, is there any hope for a concerned parent who wants to rear a happy and healthy child? The Bible has the answer!

NATO at 50—Historic Past, Hopeful Future?

Fifty years after its founding, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization stands at the crossroads of prophecy. What does the Bible tell us about America's role in Europe and in the coming world crisis?