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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

One Nation Under God?

Millions across the United States recite this phrase in their Pledge of Allegiance. Most Western nations share the ideal of living under God's guidance. We know the right words. But how do we measure up to them in practice?

Teaching Chastity in an Unchaste World

Is chastity an outdated concept in modern society? In a popular culture that confuses love with sexual promiscuity, can concerned parents rear their children in an atmosphere of true love and biblical values?

Build a More Intimate Marriage

Every married couple wants peace, love and happiness in marriage. But far too few find that marriage meets their expectations. Whose fault is this? There are biblical principles that can help couples find, and nourish, the marital intimacy that God intended.

Conflict Over the "City of Peace"

One tiny city, Jerusalem, again and again finds itself at the heart of international disputes. Mankind's best efforts have failed to resolve the age-old conflicts over this troubled city. But Scripture reveals that peace will finally come to the "city of peace."

How Did We Get the Bible?

The Bible asserts that it is God's infallible, authoritative revelation to mankind. It claims to reveal truth that can be known in no other way. How did we actually get the Bible? And how should we study it today?