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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

Fragmentation in the Age of Globalism

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, nations are fracturing along old ethnic and religious lines. Pension funds in Canada can be affected by economic developments in Russia or Thailand. Is there an alternative to mankind's fragile nation-states? What does the Bible say?

Shaping Our Modern World

Although the 20th century brought dramatic changes to our modern world, the ideas and beliefs that took root can trace their origins to centuries past. What are the consequences of mankind's most cherished beliefs? What is the truth, and where can it be found?

Does Character Really Matter?

Politicians accuse their opponents of lacking character, and the press routinely exposes character flaws of athletes, entertainers and executives. Some say that private behavior is not relevant to public performance, and that character does not matter. But what does your Bible say?

What Is Happening to Our Kids?

The family has become a laboratory for social experimentation. The Bible has fallen out of favor as a guide for child-rearing, replaced by the ideas of such theorists as Freud, Dewey and Spock. But are our children healthier and happier as a result?

What's Ahead for Russia?

The Cold War is over. Russia lies in shambles. No longer part of a superpower Soviet Union, its corruption-plagued economy has imploded. But will Russia once again be a major player on the world scene? Bible prophecy says Russia will be a factor in the future.