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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

Rebuilding Happy Families

In a world with so much suffering, happy families are harder and harder to find. Perhaps you came from a broken family—or are in one right now. Your Bible reveals vital tools that can help you build—or rebuild—the happy family God wants you to have!

Does Character Really Matter?

We commonly hear of people seeking wealth, power and prestige. How often do we hear of someone seeking to develop greater character? What can character do for you?

The United Nations: Man's Last, Best Hope?

Sixty years ago this October, the United Nations was established. Inaugurated officially on October 24, 1945, the UN was the brainchild of a world still freshly mindful of the horrors of World War II—the most terrible and destructive conflict yet to have engulfed mankind. War had become so unbelievably destructive that world leaders knew there had to be some other mechanism for resolving conflict among nations and finding peace.

Sixty Years in the Shadow of the Bomb

In August 1945, two nuclear explosions devastated Japan, and changed the world forever. Sixty years later, are we living on the brink of nuclear cosmocide?

Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

Are you a "trousered ape" or a creation of God? Are science and religion in conflict, or does the physical evidence agree with the spiritual evidence that God created the universe and everything within it? You need to know!